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Financial Status

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The projects of Karmirhath run entirely on public donations. Mr. Abdul Wahid Mia, a local philanthropist has been a major contributor since the inception of the organization. Besides allowing us to run the Karmirhath Hospital in his two-story building situated over 28 decimal lands, he has been a regular donor of cash and equipment. The other major donors are North American Bangladeshi Islamic Community (NABIC) ( who, besides financing three major projects, has so far helped us buy some costly equipment for our Eye Care and Diabetes Care Departments, a Bangladeshi American family who prefers to remain anonymous, bears all costs of the Pregnant Mothers’ Care Department and a group of young men residing in the USA bears the cost of the Children Care Department.



















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Goals Reached

A group of eighth-graders from a Los Angeles School raised funds for “Restore Eye Sights to 500 Bangladeshis” project that is being displayed in website: They donated the money to Karmirhath.

Our Goal was to make $250, which was successfully done Our first bake sale raised about $70 The second time we gained about $130 Our last bake sale achieved about $100 This totaled our donations to $300

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